Sunday School

Sunday School classes start one hour before worship (9:00am) every Sunday.

Stokers Class
This class is a congenial group that has conversation on current topics regarding religion and spirituality, often working from pertinent books and videos.

Men's Saturday Bible Study/Share

All men of all ages, come and join our Saturday morning men’s Bible study and fellowship. We meet in the Rudorah Welcome Center every other Saturday at 7:00am. We are presently studying the Epistles (letters) of Paul and other texts between Acts and Revelations. Learn about the early trials and problems faced by the early churches during their formation.

The study lasts approximately one hour. Come and enjoy a muffin and coffee as we informally study and discuss Books of the Bible. We have very open discussions of how Jesus wants as Christians, to live our lives. Please come and join the fellowship.

2024 Meeting Schedule (Schedule subject to change):
June 1st, 15th and 29th
July 13th and 27th
August 10th and 24th
September 7th and 21st
October 5th and 19th
November 2nd, 16th and 30th
December 14th and 28th
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