Ignite Youth Ministry

Ignite Youth Ministry is a group where all students grades 6-12 are welcome. We come together every Sunday from 6-7:30pm at the church to have fun and learn more about God through games, discussion, and service to others.

Upcoming Youth Events

Saturday February 24th starting at 4pm - snowtubing at Mad River Mountain - followed by our annual Lock-In which will conclude at 9am Sunday February 25th
March 15th starting at 7pm - "Late Night Chiller" at the Dublin Ice rink
June 22nd - 28th 2024: Alaska Mission Trip

Youth Adventures

By the grace of God a small group of youth were able to attend the Kalahari retreat from January 5-7, 2024. This was a powerful event that transformed some of our students; over 100 youth across 5 states accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Youth group resumed for the 2023-24 season on January 14.

Thank you all for your continual support of the youth group! We are excited about this year ahead and praying big things for the church and group.

Kate Hanna
Director of Youth Ministries

Spring Flower Bulbs Fundraiser

2024 Mission Trip to Alaska

Once a gold rush boomtown, Fairbanks is now considered the “Golden Heart of Alaska”; the last true frontier. Here, your youth will work to combat homelessness and be a part of spiritual healing to the community through construction and social initiatives.
We’ve been told our worship experience is where summer camp meets mission trip. At Next Step, your youth will create unforgettable memories and friendships while worshipping and growing together in their understanding of who Jesus is. Each evening will include great bands, challenging speakers and a powerful video series created and filmed exclusively for your mission trip.
Have you ever gone on a mission trip and been disappointed by the work projects? You’re left wondering— isn’t there something more we could have done? At Next Step, we have partnered with local community leaders to ensure that the projects are meaningful and alleviate vital building needs. Your youth will work on projects such as full home builds, home additions, drywall, siding, flooring, wheelchair ramps, and more.
Do you ever wonder if your short-term mission trip really made a difference? At Next Step, youth serve alongside local community members, churches and nonprofits, as we meet the needs of the community together. With our full-time staff living in the communities we partner with, and projects being selected by the community, you will be part of a movement in responsible short-term missions.

2023 Nashville Mission Trip

Personal note from the Director of Youth Ministries:

I am quite humbled by the huge welcome my husband and I have received here at First United Methodist Church. It has been refreshing to attend a church where everyone knows everyone (or close to it). My husband and I have prayed for a congregation where we can truly grow our roots; you all are an answer to those prayers!

I am quite excited about the opportunity to be the Director of Youth Ministries and plan to make every effort to teach the students about our Lord while creating a safe space for them to wrestle with their beliefs. Fostering a relationship with Christ is of the utmost importance and I intend to teach them the tools they will need in order to have a fruitful life walking deeply with Jesus, if they choose to do so.
I am constantly reminded of the words of Isaiah, "If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all." As the world continues, destruction and divide progresses. If we are not firm in our faith and trust in Jesus, then we too will be divided and destroyed. My hope for the youth and future generations to come is that they know Jesus intimately and have a faith where they are able to stand firmly on so that they bring peace as they walk in the way God has for them.

Please continue to join me in prayer over our youth. Pray that they may be led in wisdom, have a teachable heart, and choose to walk deeply with the Lord God. Pray also for me, that I may always have a humble heart before the Lord and guide the students in the way they need.

"We were created out of love, for Love."
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