Parking at London FUMC

London First United Methodist Church has two parking lots just to the north of the church (A and B). The Eberle Funeral Home parking lot (C) is also available on Sunday mornings. In addition to these parking lots, street parking is also available beside the church on East 4th street (E) and in front of the church on Main Street (F and G). Surrounding street parking is also available across Main Street on East 4th Street (H), and on East 5th Street (D) near the Eberle parking lot. Please remember that the Trinity Episcopal Church just on the other side of 4th street starts their Sunday services half an hour after our services, so please leave parking spaces around their church for their congregation. Refer to the map below, where the parking locations have been highlighted.
A) Parking Lot #1
B) Parking Lot #2
C) Eberle Funeral Home Parking Lot
D) East 5th Street Parking
E) East 4th Street Parking
F) Main Street Parking
G) Main Street Parking
H) Additional East 4th Street parking