The Columbarium

The Columbarium is located in the chapel adjacent to the sanctuary. Photo credit: Audrey Ingram - The Madison Press
Through a generous gift by an anonymous donor, our church has installed a 48 niche columbarium in the Chapel for the “inurnment” of “cremains” of deceased church members and other eligible persons. The church has been licensed by the State of Ohio for this purpose.

Inurnment in FUMC Columbarium shall be limited to the cremains of any minister or past minister of FUMC, member or past member of FUMC, and members of any of the above immediate family.

Members of the immediate family shall include:

  1. Spouse of the member or past member
  2. Parents, step-parents, grandparents, or step-grandparents of the member or past member.
  3. Children or step-children of the member or past member.
  4. Spouses of children or step-children of the member or past member, and
  5. Grandchildren or step-grandchildren of any member or past member.

The Columbarium Committee shall have the authority to approve or deny requests for the inurnment of any other relative of a member or past member, on a case-by-case basis.

We spend our lives in our church from birth through death. It is a blessing to have a place to offer to those desiring to have their cremains and those of their loved ones resting within our church.

Owners of a space are required to keep FUMC notified concerning a current address and contact information.

There is a contract to be signed, and a certificate of Right of Inurnment will be issued at the time a space is reserved. The current cost of a space is $500, payable to FUMC, and may be purchased from Gail Baker in the church office Monday‐Friday, 9am‐3pm.

The Committee shall have the authority to set the price for the purchase of the rights to inurnment. The above one-time cost includes inurnment, uniform inscription, an urn, and perpetual care of the Columbarium. It does not include the cost of cremation, transportation, or other off-church premises costs.